Our Menu

At the American Bread Company, we use only the highest quality ingredients and bake fresh every day, using no preservatives. Our ovens are fired all day long in the tradition of the European neighborhood bakery, where the creation of freshly baked breads is measured by the hour, not by the day.


Our Offerings

We’re always searching for new and interesting tastes to keep our menu as fresh as the items on it.

Learn More About Great Bread

Great, freshly baked bread makes great meals – like our made-to-order sandwiches, tossed-to-order salads and soup served in bread bowls. Here’s what to look for in fine handcrafted bread:

Crust: Crust refers to the thickness and color of the bread’s exterior. The crust of handcrafted bread is crisp, richly colored and deeply hued. It gives a distinctive crackle when broken open for serving.

Crumb: Crumb is a term that bakers use to define the inside of the bread. Essentially, it describes the texture of the bread. Just one slice of bread tells a trained baker what types of flour and yeast were used and how much water was added.

Craft: Handcrafted breads require time and expertise. Panera Bread bakers understand how the basic ingredients of water, flour, salt and yeast can be measured, mixed and carefully timed to create a variety of tastes and textures.

To find out more about the latest offerings on the Panera menu, go to the Panera Bread site.